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Electrician with 3-phase experience required
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TOPIC: Electrician with 3-phase experience required

Electrician with 3-phase experience required 8 years, 11 months ago #539

Do we have any Electricians on the estate that can help me out with recommending/supplying phase converters and installation costs, or does anyone know of good quality and reliable tradies they can recommend?
Last Edit: 7 years ago by James Macdonald.

Re:Electrician with 3-phase experience required 7 years ago #1156

  • octain
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Hi James,
I'm a qualified electrician. I maybe able to help you with what you need to know. Firstly As far as I know their is no such thing as a 3 phase to single phase converter. However depending what it is things can be rewired from 3 phase to single phase however i doubt it would ever be worth it and can only in rare occasions be done.

You can get 3 phase into your house however it will cost you a bit and most likely not worth it. I have 3 phase in my house because I did it myself and the materials alone where about 500 bucks without labour and mark up and that was a new house. It gets more expensive if it was existing.

3 phase is generally used for larger type application such as largish compressor or machinary. My advice is have a look at what application you have for the 3 phase generally there is a similarly available single phase machinary available. Not trying to talk you out of it but to be honest the only houses I have ever put 3 phase into have been farms and they generally use it for irrigation pumps or their conveyers etc.

If you need any futher info post here or message me and ill try to help you out.

Re:Electrician with 3-phase experience required 7 years ago #1157

Thanks for the reply. Having looked into it a bit more since posting the request it certainly does seem extremely expensive to have 3-phase installed, and the energy companies aren't very helpful either. I've already ordered a piece of equipment that requires 3-phase power, but I've managed to source a good phase converter so will be getting that instead once the equipment arrives. Cheers, James

Re:Electrician with 3-phase experience required 7 years ago #1158

  • octain
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Thats good to hear Mate.

Just a few quick words of warning. Im not 100% how converting single phase to 3 phase works but I would make 100% sure it works first for application you need. 3 phase works pretty different to single phase in that its 3 individual lines that are 180 degress out of phase from each other. It simply isn't that easy to change and would be skeptical of how reliable it would be.

The other issue would be the amount of Current you would be placing on your single phase load by converting a 3 phase load to single phase may be an issue in a standard house. Mostly 3 phase is used to lower the amount of current drawn on larger loads as it is more efficient. Youll also have additional loss by using a converter. So a 3 phase machine 20AMP machine on single phase would draw 3 x 20 amps at least and then their will be the current of the converter. Most standard houses have a 16mm2 mains cable which is cablable of drawing 60AMPS max so you could run into problems there. Also If its not a soft starting machine You start current could be much high and could trip the fuse to you house.

Obviously i got no knowledge of what your getting and it might be alright. But just thought id let u know of some of the problems that can be possible of what your doing. Hopefully all goes well though. If you want, post me the details of the VA rating and Input current rating of it and I can work it out for you. Hate to scare you with some of this would just hate to see good money spend on something that won't work.

Re:Electrician with 3-phase experience required 7 years ago #1160

Thanks, I'll get back to you when equipment arrives, hope you can offer advice. Cheers, James

Re:Electrician with 3-phase experience required 6 years, 10 months ago #1239

Hi all.
Having trouble getting hold of Octain, any other sparkies out there available to give me a bit of advice? Need some help fairly urgently, please give me a call - 0437 476 689.
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